Frameless Shower Doors Gave My Hotel Personality

Sacramento shower doors framelessAs the owner of a boutique hotel in the Sacramento area, I am always looking for renovations and décor that will set us apart from all of the other large chain hotels.  When I went to one of my friend’s house for dinner, I noticed that she had gotten new shower doors since the last time I had been over. They were large and modern looking. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I knew they were unique. As it turns out, they were frameless shower doors.

Upon further questioning, I also found that because they didn’t require a frame, the glass was incredibly durable to make the shower structurally sound. As a result, the shower door didn’t get in the way of the design of the shower itself. In my friend’s bathroom, for example, she had beautiful tile work that would have been covered up and obstructed by bulky framing.  Before I left her house, I made sure to write down the company who designed and built them: American Windows Manufacturing.

After I went home that night, I was thinking about how I could make the bathrooms at my hotel more unique and different that any other hotel. And I decided that in addition to having custom tile work done in each bathroom, I would also want a frameless shower door that would showcase it.

It took me a while to figure out my exact vision for this new project, but after a few months, I was able to flesh out a plan that I was really looking forward to executing. Once I had the tile done, I gave American Windows a call to install the frameless shower doors. I got the quote almost immediately and the process started within the next week. I was very pleased with the timeframe of the project—it didn’t take long to complete and the craftsmanship was amazing.

The outcome of the bathroom redesign in my hotel was received so well, I was kicking myself for not having done it sooner. In fact, I had to call American Windows to have them come by to drop off some business cards because so many people who came in liked the shower doors so much! I am so proud of how I have made my hotel stylish and savvy without being cliché. Instead, I have the design of my dreams. When I can afford to do the remodel in my own home, I will call American Windows to install some beautiful shower doors.

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Want To Live in Kauai? Try Poipu!

Beautiful Hawaii hillside landscape There is no arguing that Kauai is one of the most lush and beautiful islands of Hawaii Real Estate. With its greenery and waterfalls, it’s no wonder that Kauai continues to be home to some of the most sought after real estate in the nation. And in Kauai, the most famous beach is Poipu, known for its pristine sand and aquamarine waters. Although mostly a resort location, Poipu also has a thriving community that grants access to many of the destinations and activities that draws so many people to it each year. Poipu is truly the premiere destination in Kauai—with a thriving real estate market.

It may be cliché, but buying real estate hinges on location. Poipu is home to some pricey real estate, but that’s because it’s entirely worth the hype. It has several resorts and destinations for tourists, but many who live there feel a sense of community.  At the moment, the average price for real estate hovers in the mid-$700 thousands, which is high for the average size of what’s being sold. While Poipu has always been a favorite for buyers in Hawaii, it has recently seen trends that make it one of up-and-coming places to buy.  And while the real estate market is recovering, now is the time to buy property in one of the most traveled to places in the world!

Living in Poipu, one would have a hard time not finding things to do. With wonderful weather and the safest and cleanest beaches you’ll likely see in Hawaii, Poipu has plenty to offer a resident. It is also close to fine dining and shopping with access to resort golf courses and attractions. Among the most famous attractions in Poipu are the National Tropical Botanical Garden and Spouting Horn.

The National Tropical Garden is dedicated to saving, studying and sharing the native flaura of the Islands of Hawaii. Spouting Horn is also a popular (and free) attraction that is a natural wonder created by water that rushes under a lava shelf and bursts through a small opening on the surface. Spouting Horn is most beautiful at sunset when the colors of the sunset are reflected in the water, creating an almost rainbow-like look to the spout of water.

Poipu has no shortage of activities including scuba diving, hiking, surfing, swimming, horseback riding and golfing. And above all, Poipu offers a beautiful lifestyle in a beautiful location. We would be happy to show you the properties we have for sale in Poipu!

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Remodeled Kitchen CountertopIf you are having trouble selling your home, you may want to take another look at your kitchen. Homebuyers know that they (and likely their guests) will spend a lot of time in the kitchen and tend to be a bit picky about kitchen aesthetics. Especially because the family who next inhabits your home is likely to be younger than you, it is definitely in your best interest to update your kitchen. Cabinets, appliances and flooring are important, but the real centerpiece of your kitchen is the countertops.  Granite, quartz or synthetic, the sale of your home might depend on it.

Quartz is a popular alternative to natural countertops because it is durable as well as low maintenance. It is largely made of natural material but it has been engineered with a small amount of synthetics to create the durability and beauty many homeowners are looking for. There are many different manufacturers of quartz and there are plenty of varieties and colors to choose from.

On the other hand, granite is a completely natural material, generally taken from solid slabs and cut to fit your own countertop. Another great quality of granite is that no slab is the same. With quartz, what you see is what you get, as quartz is engineered. Granite is pulled from the earth and can vary from one end of the slab to another, creating a one of a kind centerpiece for you kitchen.

Synthetic countertops can be made of various materials, but mostly acrylic. An advantage of synthetic countertops as opposed to natural is that it is a more economical choice. It can also be a more ecological choice since no natural resources are used to extract a large portion of rock out of the earth. Synthetic countertops are similar to quartz in that they do not vary within one countertop. If you want a consistent look throughout the countertop, a synthetic countertop may be a great choice for you and your home.

Homebuyers know that they will be in the kitchen quite frequently, so they are looking for function in addition to style. If you are installing countertops for the purpose of selling your house, you should consult your countertop manufacturer to see which styles are popular among young and new buyers. You will want to stay away from any bright or light colors, as they can turn off younger homebuyers.

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My First Big Move

I made a big move last year, perhaps the biggest I will make in the next few years: I graduated college and moved to downtown San Diego.  I went to school in the San Diego area, but I lived outside the city, with a larger student population. After getting a job in the city, I needed to move closer to my new office. Obviously I was excited to do this, I just wasn’t excited about the move itself.

The thing was, I didn’t have any family in the area and could count on one hand the amount of friends that remained after college. Even less if we are talking about the kind of friend who would help me move all of my belongings into a crappy studio apartment.  And I’m fit but not fit enough to handle carrying a bed, bed frame and dressers up a few flights of stairs to my new residence. Living on an upper-level floor seemed glamorous, but after realizing it would make my move that much harder, I decided I needed to call in for backup.

Since most of my friends hadn’t used movers before, I turned to trusty Google to help me search for a local moving company. I finally settled on Manpower Movers San Diego because that’s exactly what I needed—manpower! So I decided on a move out date and waited in excited anticipation to start my new grown-up life.

The moving company also offered packing services, but since I didn’t have THAT much to pack, I did it myself. Of course as I found myself buried in cardboard boxes, I wished I had taken them up on their offer. But after a few hours and only 3 newspaper-related paper cuts, I was ready for the movers.

When they arrived, they were super friendly, and luckily, they brought the manpower they promised. In no time, they had taken all of my belongings and safe and sound to the moving truck for delivery at the new place. I had to run a few errands, so I met them there later, but when I arrived to the new apartment, everything was already set up as it should be. It felt like I had snapped my fingers and my apartment was ready to go!

Sure, it was more expensive than doing it myself, but it took the stress completely out of the move so I could focus on more important things—like decorating!

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Marketing for Dentists

Since marketing online has greatly become the number one way local businesses can find new business, becoming a marketer for a local company like a dentist can be a great home based business. Most marketing these days can be done anywhere. You no longer have to be in an office or at a physical location. In fact, as I write this article I’m sitting at a coffee shop.

Dentists often have marketing budgets and would have no problem working with a marketer who works from home. A family dentist, who provides cosmetic dental services, cavity fillings, Invisalign and crowns, can be a great business to work for. They have the budget to pay for your time, and most of their customers look for their services online.

By working for dentist, for example I work for a Fair Oaks and Carmichael Dentist, you can sometimes even trade marketing services for dental work. Dentists are more than happy to barter if you’re able to offer something of value to them. On top of getting good dental work, and working for established professional dentists, you’re also able to work from home. There’s nothing better than starting your day in the comfort of your home, and working at your computer while you’re getting paid.

Now the day to days are of providing marketing for dentists is another blog. Check back in a couple weeks for a more detailed approach to providing marketing for dentists.

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Become a Realtor

With the housing market starting to turn around, now might not be a bad time to dive into the housing market. If you like working with people, don’t mind driving, and are good at sales, becoming a realtor might be a perfect home based business for you.

I recently interviewed Joanne Liegh of Coast and County Homes. She is a discount broker who services Carlsbad, Encinitas and Oceanside. She operates her company out of he home, and says ‘she couldn’t ask for a better situation’. She works from home, makes a sizable income, and doesn’t have much overhead, other that her basic expenses.

Getting into the real estate business isn’t necessarily that hard either. Yes, you have to wait a few months while you work on your real estate license, but if you currently have a job, it won’t be a huge financial bind.

I would recommend if you get into the market, to keep your existing day job until you pass the license test, sign on with a broker, and sell a house or two. That way you don’t have to worry about income while you go through the 6-8 month process of selling your first home. After that of course, you now have your own home based business. One that doesn’t cost much to maintain, but can yield great returns.

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Become a Windows and Doors Broker

Most people think of a door and window company as a big manufacturer or huge operation that has high overhead and needs considerable capital.

That is actually not the case. Well, capital you do need, but overhead and employees you do not need. Many companies that are windows and doors companies are not manufacturers. They are basically brokers. That build nothing and produce no physical product.

Many companies basically bid on new projects and are drop shippers. Running a business like this can easily be done from your house. The only downside to starting a home based door and window company is that a considerable amount of capital is needed ti get started. Often times on big projects a good amount of the overall price of the windows is tied up in retention over an extended period of time.

This can make sustainability tough because most of what gets tied up in retention is profit. If you have the money however to get started, it’s the perfect home based business because profits can be huge. If you land a big apartment complex revenues can be in the hundreds of thousands.

A doors and windows company in Sacramento started as a home based and has since grown into a new warehouse with over 10 employees. They provide new windows, replacement windows, and glass shower doors. Although they are located in Sacramento, American Windows Inc services Roseville, El Dorado Hills, Rocklin, Elk Grove, and the Bay Area.

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