A Home Business You Love

One of the most important things to consider when you start creating your home business, is will you like what you’re going to do? There’s little point replacing a regular job you hate with a home business you are eventually going to hate doing too. It won’t work.

Your Work at Home Business

When you are start a home business on the internet, you will have to write articles about your chosen niche and interact with others on forums, blogs and within social media.

If you get tired of your subject after a few weeks, it will reflect in everything you do and say, and eventually you will give up. Like Ken Evoy says all the time in his Site Build It pep-talks – you need Passion!


Choose a Home Business you Love

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Choose a Niche You Love For your Home Business

If you have a hobby or something you are passionate about, let the world know!  Not only will you be passing on your knowledge to others, but you will also learn more yourself as you do research for articles and blogs. The aim is to be an expert.

Enthusiasm is Contagious!

I’ve seen a lot of schemes put about by the so-called gurus, the last one I looked at was Amazon affiliate marketing.The idea was to choose something from their 40,000 products and build a mini-site about it, then make hundreds of other sites just like it (with different products).

That’s fine if you can write hundreds of blog posts and articles about something you actually own, but the idea was to simply build hundreds of these little affiliate sites and make beaucoup bucks from all the visitors you’d get.

Who the heck wants to do all the work involved with owning hundreds of sites?  I know I don’t!  Besides, Amazon’s commissions are not that generous, unless you can sell a large amount of items every month, or at least a few dozen high ticket items, it’s just not worth all the work.*

*Google’s recent Panda or Farmer algorithm change has virtually put an end to these low-quality, couple-of-page affiliate sites I am happy to report.  But what you can do is build Authority Sites which have a lot more meat on their bones.  If you take a look at Sean Donohoe’s Extreme Niche Empires, you will see that you really can make money from affiliate sites using his methods.  Check it out, I am trying it myself.

I’m not knocking Amazon at all, it’s an excellent company. Many people make a great living as Amazon affiliates, but it’s better to use a few Amazon products that fit in well with your niche, especially if you are familiar with the product.

Choose a home business you will love carefully and think it through before you start.




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