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I’m a Brit, born in Lancashire, but I lived in Wimbledon, London for many years. I came to the US for a vacation and met my wonderful husband 23 years ago and I’m still here.

I started an antiques business during the Clinton years – you remember – when everyone had a jwe weren’t at war with anyone and gas was 93 cents a gallon. Then everything went wrong.  The recession came along and my once bustling shop was empty for days on end.  I saw the writing on the wall, and during the last few painful months, I started investigating what I could do online to make a living.

I’ve always loved computers and writing – I’ve written two screenplays, two novels and a number of short stories, but I needed to do something “regular” that could help pay the household bills.

I got hooked by the gurus – you know the sleazy guys with the expensive cars and perfect girlfriends, who tell people they can make zillions of dollars in a week, with no effort. I spent a lot of money on courses,  followed all their instructions but got nowhere. I wasted months trying to find the perfect fit for me.  I got frustrated and very depressed, and my savings were dwindling rapidly.

I realized one day, as I was writing yet another short story, that what I really like to do is write.  I signed up with an online agency and started writing articles for other people’s websites and my life changed within 2 days.  I had finally found my own personal online niche.

One positive thing about going through all those guru courses was I learned a heck of a lot – both the right way to make money online – and the wrong ways.  To top that knowledge off, I am very fortunate to work for some well-respected and very successful people in the network and internet marketing world. I have written over 500 articles on those subjects and I also write for motivational speakers and two life coaches. They have provided me with enormous encouragement. They have also taught me many things that I want to pass on to you.

There is a core of very good, honest people on the internet – but it takes time to find them. Most of them are contributors on the Warrior Forum (and there is a lot of BS air too – be careful!)  Go there to learn how others make their money and look for useful tips.

I especially don’t want you to waste your time and money buying useless courses.  I had no clue what I wanted to do in the beginning, and I wish I could have found a site that told me what everything involved.

I hope to do this for you, in this one site, and encourage you to leave your comments and questions and I will do my best to answer them.

Everything I recommend on this site I have tried and tested, or has been recommended by people I trust and from some I make a little bit of commission, but that’s not the point of this website.

I would like to hear from you about your successes and failures, about software and websites you have found helpful and perhaps a few of the things that suck!

Now is the time to start your home business.  You won’t become an overnight success and you won’t make millions in the first month.  It’s hard work and a big learning curve, but by working at your home business regularly and by learning how to overcome problems quickly, you will succeed.

To Your Success!


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