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Many successful website owners understand the value of outsourcing, to an article writing service like my own, or to graphic designers and others that can do work they are not good at themselves.  It’s a great job to do from home.

Article Writing Service

Article Writing is Fundamental to Any Successful Website or Blog

As you work on your website, you may find that you take hours to write an article, and writing online articles is part and parcel of marketing a website.

Not only must you write regular and well-optimized articles for your site, but blog posts, responses and comments on other websites, press releases, squeeze pages and articles for posting on ezine sites.  It’s a lot of writing!

If you think article writing may be something you would enjoy doing I will be happy to help with your questions.  There are a number of tips I can offer, and in following posts I will describe my day as an article writer, and why you should read Brian Tracy’s Eat That Frog!

It’s a short read that will help you organize your day, increase productivity and make you feel good about what you’re doing.

Article Writing as a Home Business

If you can spend hours writing every day, and don’t mind article writing about all sorts of bizarre subjects, then you might try article writing to supplement your income.  Even if you only write eight articles a day, that can bring you in approx $80 a day, times that by five days and you have yourself a decent income.

I work early in the morning from 5am most days when it’s cool and quiet.  I make a pot of coffee and write as many articles as I can then take a break.  Some article writing is easy and some of it’s a pain in the butt.  I look at it like this – it’s just 500 words – one page explaining about anything from black mold to hepatitis and health insurance.  It all depends what your customer has ordered.

Brian Tracy’s Eat That Frog is all about getting the nasty stuff done first.  Hate a subject?  Get it over with, you’ll feel relieved for the rest of the day!

In a following post, I will offer some tips on how to write an article. Stay tuned.  In the meantime try some article writing as practice, see how long it will take you and how you like it.

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