Become a Realtor

With the housing market starting to turn around, now might not be a bad time to dive into the housing market. If you like working with people, don’t mind driving, and are good at sales, becoming a realtor might be a perfect home based business for you.

I recently interviewed Joanne Liegh of Coast and County Homes. She is a discount broker who services Carlsbad, Encinitas and Oceanside. She operates her company out of he home, and says ‘she couldn’t ask for a better situation’. She works from home, makes a sizable income, and doesn’t have much overhead, other that her basic expenses.

Getting into the real estate business isn’t necessarily that hard either. Yes, you have to wait a few months while you work on your real estate license, but if you currently have a job, it won’t be a huge financial bind.

I would recommend if you get into the market, to keep your existing day job until you pass the license test, sign on with a broker, and sell a house or two. That way you don’t have to worry about income while you go through the 6-8 month process of selling your first home. After that of course, you now have your own home based business. One that doesn’t cost much to maintain, but can yield great returns.

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