Blog Commenting Should Add Value in Return for Back Links

Blog commenting is amongst the easiest ways to get back links for your own website or blog.  It can be a tedious task if you have more than one or two sites, you should be aiming to get a consistent amount of back links daily, so blog commenting must become a habit until your site is well-established.

Blog Commenting for Dummies

blog commentingEven though I use Akismet to weed out the very worst and most useless comments on all my sites, I still get a number of completely worthless blog comments coming through.  These comments used to drive me nuts but now they are a constant source of amusement.  If you are going to pay someone in the Far East to do your blog commenting for you, keep track of what they are doing, where they’re going and the comments they leave.  Comments written in pigeon English or leaving comments that do not add value to my site are going to be deleted pronto. If you leave a comment please make sure it is relevant and well written, even if it is to disagree with something I’ve posted.

For the endless stream of people that tell me I need to use SEOPressor – I have always used it! Stop bugging me!

Blog Commenting Should Add Value

If the the blog owner or website owner is going to give you something of value which is a back link, don’t you think it is common courtesy to leave a comment that is of some value to him?  Some people spend their days blog commenting but what they get out of it in the end is nothing.  No webmaster, blog master or moderator is going to approve worthless comments like “great blog dude”, or like one comment I received this morning that just contained a link to another website.

Before blog commenting at least take a quick look around a site to understand what it is about.  A few days ago I got a blog comment that was something to do with furniture and another one was just a jumble of letters!

Good Blog Commenting Adds Value

If you visit a site with the intention of blog commenting as I do, I look for questions I can answer and any help I can give, thereby adding value to the site.  By posting regularly to one particular blog, I was invited to write an article for that site which boosted my traffic and in turn gave the blog master another page of content.

The idea with blog commenting is to have people click through to your site not to annoy the crap out of the  blogmaster!



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