Freelance Jobs – Freelance Work Gives You the Freedom to Work When YOU Want

If you have specific skills and you want to work for yourself – when you please, freelance jobs are a great solution.

If you are a student, work at home mom or senior with skills, you can work as many or as few freelance jobs as you can handle. Find a site you like, build positive feedback and many sites will increase your rate.    Go into freelancing with the mindset that it is a Business – your business, hone your skills, be honest and ethical and freelancing is one of the best ways to create a home business.

Freelance Jobs – You Need a Strong Work Ethic

Freelance JobsAlthough you are in essence working for yourself, taking on freelance jobs means you will have a number of people to answer to. You have to have a strong work ethic when you take on freelance jobs,  you will have deadlines to meet and standards to keep. You may find yourself working 14 hours one day, but if you can plan your workload, you can spend your next day doing what YOU want to do. You have to take time off for yourself and your family.

Start off slow, with one or two jobs, and don’t take on so much that you let all your clients down. When you have established a firm base of regular clients, you can simply say no to things you don’t want to do, and ask more money for others. Never say you can do something if you can’t do it.

A List of Places to Find Freelance Jobs – Writing – For Spanish freelancers – British site for writers, programmers etc., bidding system with many foreign bidders who will work for little BUT if you are persistent, your work is top-notch and you are prepared to hold out for a living wage, PeoplePerHour pays a lot more than similar US sites.  I have had some great freelance jobs from this site that paid well. – specifically for Python programmers. – If you are prepared to do something for $4 (Fiverr keeps the other dollar) you could make good contacts here.  It’s worth a visit to see what people will do for $4 – worth a laugh and a good source if you ever want something done! – photography-related freelance jobs – writing – offers work for artists, musicians and writers etc. – resume preparation and academic writing – writing – one of the best. Pay starts low but rises with experience. Not a bidding site. Christian-based freelance jobs mostly involving writing – claims to have 100,000 publishers actively searching the site (?) for freelance writers. – Freelance jobs for those writers who can work with developers and compile guides and tutorials. – Offers a list of freelance jobs for writers updated every Monday. – Freelance jobs for programmers, designers, writers, business admin specialists and more. I have made a lot of money by advertising here.  Costs $20 but well worth it.  Unlike online agencies, the Warrior Forum allows you to build relationships with clients and post testimonials to get more work. offers freelance jobs in hundreds of different fields, they will email you daily with suitable gigs. offers hundred of difference freelance jobs -Watch this helpful video below if you are new to freelancing. The musak is bloody annoying, but the advice is good.  Aimed at web designers but the principles apply to whatever you do.

Don’t sell your skills too cheap! I can’t stress that enough.  If you are going to be working 30 hours a week, figure out how much money you need to make and stick with it, but be realistic. 

If you are good at what you do, people will pay what you ask – you just have to be persistent, produce excellent work on time and build a clientele.

The bigger the internet grows the more freelance jobs there will be.

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