How to Build a WordPress Site Part 3

Every WordPress site starts out on this theme, you can change the header pics but when most people want to build a WordPress site, they want to choose a specific theme that suits their purpose.  This will take you a while, unless you already know which one you want.

Build a wordpress - opening WP admin screen

Build a WordPress Site – Choosing a Theme

1. On the left hand side go to Appearance and click on Themes.

2. You can build a WordPress Site on any of these free themes.  You’re on your own because I don’t know what your site is going to be for, or about.

Pay special attention to the layouts, how many columns you want, what colors etc.  You can change your mind in the early stages of building a site but once you have built some traffic, if you change your theme people may get confused and leave.

I recommend you take a look at some free Woo Themes too. Fanseko is awesome.  You can change colors with a click on a colorwheel, and it comes pre-loaded with some ads, all you have to do is put in your affiliate ID.  Really simple, eye catching sites.

WooThemes - WordPress themes for everyone

Final Few Steps to Build a WordPress Site

1. Trash the content of the sample page and post.

2.In Settings/Permalinks  change the default post to custom post and type this in


This shows a post’s title as an extension of the URL – it looks better than a load of numbers and signs.

3. Add a PAGE.  Build a great About Me page first of all, up;load a nice pic of yourself and tell people about yourself in two paragraphs, no longer.  Be personable and friendly and if you are using your site to promote a product, give a brief reason why.

As you work you can Save Draft and when you’re finished hit Publish. You’ll see a grey wheel turning to the left which means it’s publishing.

Play around with the Dashboard as you build and familiarize yourself with everything on there.  If you want to add video or ads or anything else in HTML, use the HTML tab, otherwise by using visual you can see everything you are doing and can adjust as you go.

You can Publish It when you’re happy with your About Me page.  It’s working when the little grey wheel goes round.  You can’t navigate away from the page by mistake and lose your work, it will warn you.

You made your first WordPress page – congratulations.  You can either click on the name of your website at top left to view it or hit the Preview button on the right.

Here is Part One and Part Two if you need to refer back.

Finally in Part 4 I’ll tell you what pages and posts you need to keep Google happy and which pulg ins I always use when I build a WordPress site


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