How to Build a WordPress Site Part 4

build a wordpress siteThis is the final post how to build a WordPress site,

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After this it’s up to you to do all the hard work.  That will mean adding fresh content as often as you can and obtaining backlinks, which are small votes of confidence that the search engine spiders like if they are left in relevant places, and help move you up the rankings.

When I build a WordPress Site I use These Great Plugins:

It’s entirely up to you which plugins you use of course and it depends on the reasons why you build a WordPress site.

Bear in mind that the more plugins you use the slower your site may load, so just use the essential ones for your business.

The first plugins I load when I build a WordPress site are:


Comes pre-loaded, activate Askimet or you will be bombarded with useless comments – follow the instructions to get your API key.

PC Search Engine Verify

I’m not clever enough to figure out how to get a verification code into a header, and this does it for me in Yahoo, Bing and Google without a problem.  Verification opens the doors for Google bots to come in and start indexing your site.  Otherwise it can take weeks.

Simple Google Sitemap XML 

This lists all of your site’s URLs in order so when the search engine bots arrive, they can find their way around.

All in One SEO Pack

Helps enormously with SEO, even though I use SEOPressor, I still use it.

DoFollow & CommentLuv

Encourage comments from visitors and leave comments on other CommentLuv sites which will display some of your latest posts if you want.  Andy Bailey’s CommentLuv is great.

Scroll to Top

Makes navigating easier for your visitors, especially if you write long posts.  If your categories are at the top of your pages, then they are more likely to click on another article.  Scrolling is so strenuous after all!


Smushit compresses graphics so your site will load faster.


If you want to invest some money in your affiliate or niche marketing enterprise, SEOPressor helps to optimize your articles correctly, thereby gaining free organic traffic for your site.  It’s no less than Brilliant! SEOPressor helped me to move to a PR4 with this within 6 weeks (and a lot of hard work too!)

So go and get on with building your marketing empire – good luck with it.  It won’t be long before you’ll want to build a WordPress site again.

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