Look Mom No Keywords!

Writing content with no keywords is so easy! Sometimes it gets to be a real challenge writing articles around carefully researched but weird keyword combinations, and I mentioned this to one of my clients the other day.

No KeywordsWhy No Keywords Dude?

He sends me articles to write, I ask for keywords, and his response is usually “oh don’t bother”.  I checked out some of his articles that I hadn’t written and there was no evidence of any optimization or use of keywords until waaaaay back in the dusty archives.

What’s all that about I asked?

The answer had to do with the amount of back links his site has – 8000+ to date, and growing like crazy. He no longer needs to SEO his articles, he gets his traffic elsewhere, mainly through referrals and traffic from social media sites. He also has an enormous opt-in rate and consequently a huge email list.

People obviously enjoy reading his articles that have no keywords.  They’re free and easy  – like walking around with no underwear on!

(Sorry – I had to do that, he was one of my favorite comedians.)

Rules are there to be broken, and if one happy day I can get 8000 links (most without much effort) I will be one happy camper.

Writing articles is so much less taxing without having to use the right amount of keywords, especially when you’re down to keyword phrases that make little sense when used in a sentence. No keywords sounds great to me, but to someone building a new site they’re essential for attracting organic traffic from search engines.

No Keywords = No Traffic for Most of Us

So this article is my experiment in  a no keyword post.  SEOPressor can have a well-earned rest, now all I need is another 7900+ backlinks!

Is there anything wrong with posting the occasional article with no keywords?  I’ll probably know in a few days when nobody finds this post!  Until then, it’s back to the keyword tools for some more cryptic phrases to build articles around!

Let me know how you fare using no keywords in your articles!



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