My First Big Move

I made a big move last year, perhaps the biggest I will make in the next few years: I graduated college and moved to downtown San Diego.  I went to school in the San Diego area, but I lived outside the city, with a larger student population. After getting a job in the city, I needed to move closer to my new office. Obviously I was excited to do this, I just wasn’t excited about the move itself.

The thing was, I didn’t have any family in the area and could count on one hand the amount of friends that remained after college. Even less if we are talking about the kind of friend who would help me move all of my belongings into a crappy studio apartment.  And I’m fit but not fit enough to handle carrying a bed, bed frame and dressers up a few flights of stairs to my new residence. Living on an upper-level floor seemed glamorous, but after realizing it would make my move that much harder, I decided I needed to call in for backup.

Since most of my friends hadn’t used movers before, I turned to trusty Google to help me search for a local moving company. I finally settled on Manpower Movers San Diego because that’s exactly what I needed—manpower! So I decided on a move out date and waited in excited anticipation to start my new grown-up life.

The moving company also offered packing services, but since I didn’t have THAT much to pack, I did it myself. Of course as I found myself buried in cardboard boxes, I wished I had taken them up on their offer. But after a few hours and only 3 newspaper-related paper cuts, I was ready for the movers.

When they arrived, they were super friendly, and luckily, they brought the manpower they promised. In no time, they had taken all of my belongings and safe and sound to the moving truck for delivery at the new place. I had to run a few errands, so I met them there later, but when I arrived to the new apartment, everything was already set up as it should be. It felt like I had snapped my fingers and my apartment was ready to go!

Sure, it was more expensive than doing it myself, but it took the stress completely out of the move so I could focus on more important things—like decorating!

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