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Niche marketing is quite possibly the most profitable way of earning money online with the least financial outlay.

If you read my post about internet marketing Gurus, you would have seen Sean Donahoe’s name on my list of people to trust.

Niche Marketing
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On 4/29/2011 Sean released his new Extreme Niche Empires course, and I decided to give it a try.  I have always liked the idea of niche marketing, but all other guru courses I have looked at have managed to leave out a considerable amount of information  perhaps it was contained in one of their many up sells I don’t know. If you have to purchase up sells – doesn’t that mean the course is incomplete?

I downloaded Sean’s course on May 3rd and I wanted to give you my honest opinion of the course, as of today, May 8th, I had already set up a WordPress site for my chosen niche.

Extreme Niche Empires Niche Marketing Course

This niche marketing course comes with 15 modules, some of them up to an hour long.  I simply listened and watched for the first couple of days I am skeptical about every course that comes out by anyone, so I want to get the measure of it before I started.

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I have to tell you I was amazed at how thorough the course is. Niche marketing has become considerably easier thanks to WordPress, but what Sean does is give you a ready-made template and all the plug-ins to build even the first time niche marketer a solid foundation.

Niche Marketing Review of Extreme Niche Empires

Today I started to implement the site setup.  I am not the brightest bulb in the pack where it comes to technical stuff, and I did hit a couple of problems.  My own fault, because I wanted to stick with my present hosting company, not change to the one Sean recommends.  My problems were fixed within minutes, because Sean also adds a blog to his course, and someone had had the same problem as me and explained how to fix it.  Brilliant.

My site is set up, and tomorrow I will be writing the first article and posting it,  I am very excited.

One of the best things about this course is that once you have your first niche marketing site set up correctly, you can clone it, so setting up subsequent sites will be a breeze.

There’s lots more to cover.  Tomorrow I will be setting up affiliate marketing too and if I have time I will move onto all the marketing techniques that Sean recommends.

This is definitely the best niche marketing course I have ever seen.  Stay tuned to see if it can produce an income within 60 days.  Sean also offers a 60-day money back guarantee if it doesn’t work, I have nothing to lose!

My Niche Marketing Empire has Cost $57

How much I have spent so far?  The course was $37, domain name $10.16, I already have hosting. Changed to Hostgator as recommended.  I also purchase a 7-day trial of SEO-Pressor for $7.  I was going to buy it anyway, that will cost $97 in a week’s time.  You can survive without it, but if you want to make lots of niche marketing sites, it’s a really cool plugin for SEO purposes you can use on all your sites.

Stay tuned and get “ready to rock and roll” as Sean loves to say – niche marketing just got a whole lot easier…

Watch Sean’s video, it’s 20 minutes of our time well spent.  He explains the basis of niche marketing perfectly and dispels many myths and lies about making money on line.


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Niche marketing has never been easier!

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