Sell Your Own Products – Write an eBook

One of the most profitable things you can do is sell your own products, and I feel it’s time for me to write an eBook. My reason for doing this is NOT any profit I might make. I have a lot of knowledge in my old noggin that can help people.  If I make a few bucks in the process, then great.  Producing your own information products should be about helping people primarily.

Let’s rewind a little to the beginning of my internet marketing journey…

I dabbled in internet marketing a few years back, had no success and gave up.  I spent a lot of time trying to come to terms with everything that was needed to be successful and, yes, I purchased a lot of the wrong “Guru” products and I got refunds, because the majority of them didn’t help, or promised the impossible. I kept looking.

Don’t ask me how I found Tiffany Dow but her story started much the same way as mine. We are primarily writers.

Tiffany has a very successful PLR website, she reviews Guru courses occasionally and tells it like it is.  She’s gone head to head with many of the ones she thought were not providing anything of value. They disappeared, but Tiffany is still here helping thousands of newbies  come to terms with writing and internet marketing. She’s a great mentor and always answers her emails herself – imagine that!

One great way to make money online is to write an eBook.  That’s how her clients were making money and Tiffany realized there was no reason why she couldn’t do the same thing. She was writing the eBooks for them and they were taking the lion’s share of the profits!

I’ve Reached the Same “Ah-Ha” Moment as Tiffany did – it’s Time to Write an eBook.

I purchased Building an eBook Empire over a year ago, read it and the thought has been in the back of my mind ever since.  I dusted it off a few days ago, because I feel confident I’m ready to write an eBook.

Write an eBook

I’ve purchased other courses and even read free ones, but the comprehensive information Tiffany offers in her 99-page book tells it like it is.  No up-sells and no tricks to make you go and purchase other things.  In fact most of the resources Tiffany recommends will be free when it comes time for you to write an eBook.

I’ve discovered a niche where I could write an eBook that could potentially help thousands of people. It’s not going to be anything to do with internet marketing either – I admit I’m no expert, but I’m getting there.

Write an eBook and IM – both Huge Learning Processes

I love learning new things and in internet marketing there’s hardly a week goes by that I haven’t learned new things. Writing an eBook will be a big learning process but I know Tiffany Dow’s book will help all the way.

Even if you feel like you’re not quite ready to write an eBook but you’ve thought about it, I recommend  you get a copy of Building an eBook Empire.   It planted a seed in my mind that has been slowly growing. Now I think I’m ready.

I’m going to keep you up to date on how my first eBook is coming along.  There’s much planning and research to do – Tiffany Dow stresses the research part. It’s pointless to write an eBook that nobody wants or writing one that has too much competition. The writing part – well that doesn’t bother me at all.

The point is that when you write an eBook it helps someone and Tiffany’s Building an eBook Empire has given me all the insight and help I will need to do that.

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Yaro Starak’s Blog MasterMind is Closing!

Yaro Starak, author of Blog Mastermind is one of the best guys in the blogging and internet marketing arena.  I love his courses and all the useful information this highly successful blogger gives away for free.

Sadly I received an email from Yaro this morning saying he’s closing down his enormously popular Blog Mastermind at the end of September 2011.

The good news is, until it closes you can get it for half price!  It has consistently sold well for him since 2007 and now he said “it’s time to move on”.

Blog Mastermind is awesome and it’s now just $249 – it was $497 – so if you’ve been farting around thinking about it – you’re in luck but you must hurry.

No more Blog Mastermind after the end of September 2011.

Click here to get your copy of Blog Mastermind before it’s too late!

Click here to get The Blog Profits Blueprint

Of course Yaro Starak isn’t going to retire – he’s still going to be providing bloggers with some of the best help there is out there, so get your copy of Yaro Starak’s Blog Mastermind today.

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Look Mom No Keywords!

Writing content with no keywords is so easy! Sometimes it gets to be a real challenge writing articles around carefully researched but weird keyword combinations, and I mentioned this to one of my clients the other day.

No KeywordsWhy No Keywords Dude?

He sends me articles to write, I ask for keywords, and his response is usually “oh don’t bother”.  I checked out some of his articles that I hadn’t written and there was no evidence of any optimization or use of keywords until waaaaay back in the dusty archives.

What’s all that about I asked?

The answer had to do with the amount of back links his site has – 8000+ to date, and growing like crazy. He no longer needs to SEO his articles, he gets his traffic elsewhere, mainly through referrals and traffic from social media sites. He also has an enormous opt-in rate and consequently a huge email list.

People obviously enjoy reading his articles that have no keywords.  They’re free and easy  – like walking around with no underwear on!

(Sorry – I had to do that, he was one of my favorite comedians.)

Rules are there to be broken, and if one happy day I can get 8000 links (most without much effort) I will be one happy camper.

Writing articles is so much less taxing without having to use the right amount of keywords, especially when you’re down to keyword phrases that make little sense when used in a sentence. No keywords sounds great to me, but to someone building a new site they’re essential for attracting organic traffic from search engines.

No Keywords = No Traffic for Most of Us

So this article is my experiment in  a no keyword post.  SEOPressor can have a well-earned rest, now all I need is another 7900+ backlinks!

Is there anything wrong with posting the occasional article with no keywords?  I’ll probably know in a few days when nobody finds this post!  Until then, it’s back to the keyword tools for some more cryptic phrases to build articles around!

Let me know how you fare using no keywords in your articles!



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The Pros & Cons of Working from Home

I’m a workaholic and working from home suits me fine.  I’ve met a number of people who tried working from home, but they found it wasn’t for them for a number of reasons – one being that they couldn’t discipline themselves.

What is Your Idea of Working from Home?

You could say something like:

  1. I can get up when I want
  2. I can eat what I want
  3. I can watch all my favorite TV programs
  4. I can work when I feel like it…

Whoa! Let me stop you there!

If you’re working from home to make money you have a Business!!

That means:

1.  When working from home you should make a schedule and stick to it.

If you work your best at night and it’s suitable for your business (the internet never sleeps!) then you do have an advantage over those people who are night people, but are forced to work from 8am – 6pm.
Working from Home2.  As for eating, yes you do have your kitchen – just make sure you have plenty of HEALTHY foods available. Eat an apple – not a bag of greasy corn chips.  Make a healthy sandwich – don’t order delivery pizza.

It’s too easy to eat the wrong things and drink coffee all day.  I know, I used to do it and I was crashing by midday!

I get up at 5:30am every day except Saturday (my day off), work for a few hours and take a break and eat breakfast.

Keep the bad snacks off your desk or before you know it you’ll be putting on pounds!

  • Take a break, if you’re lucky and have a dog, let him take you for a walk.
  • Take a break in the morning, have a healthy lunch and a break in the afternoon.
  • Stretch your legs and get the blood flowing, or the next thing you know your eyes will be hurting from looking at a monitor and your legs will start to ache – you may even start getting headaches and constipated – drink water not sodas!
  • Working from home can be very stressful – take a day off every week, until your business is established enough to allow you to take all the time off that you want.

3.  Television will kill your productivity.  It’s a fact that human beings may think they can multitask, but scientific studies show that the human brain can only do one thing properly at a time.

Turn the TV off – throw a blanket over it.  If you want a successful business working from home listen to to some background music instead.  I can’t listen to anything with words, consequently I listen to straight ahead jazz – it keeps me working fast!!

4.  You cannot work “when you feel like it”.

If you want to spend the rest of your life working from home then post a list of financial goals where you can see it – even if it is a list of how much you have to earn to pay the bills, the next step should be to make some realistic financial goals, such as “buy a new car” or “save the air fare to Europe” whatever, let your list act as a constant reminder.

May be on the bottom of your list you should simply write the words “I am working from home because I HATE working for anyone else!”




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I Recommend this Awesome Free Income Blogging Guide

Finally here is a step-by-step blogging guide that shows you the exact process to building your own blog and start earning some income.

This Free Blogging Guide helps you with:

  • Deciding on a niche that will earn income
  • How to come up with a domain name
  • Getting your blog  indexed fast
  • Making your blog secure
  • The right steps to earning money with your blog

This blogging guide is co-authored by  fellow Brit, Andrew Rondeau who runs one of the most successful and useful blogs for helping other bloggers, and makes a nice income doing so.  He actually gives more useful information away for free in this Blogging Guide than you’ll get by paying for some crappy Guru blogging guide -written by some charlatan who has never owned a successful blog in his life!

Get The Income Blogging Guide Blueprint Here

The Best Blogging Guide I Have Seen Lately- FREE

Andrew’s blogging guide offers a step-by-step approach and includes helpful screen shots and video. Follow each step and you can’t go wrong with this incredible free blogging guide.

This is what others are saying about Andrew’s free blogging guide:

“I downloaded the free blogging guide yesterday. Today, my blog is up and running. Excluding the wait for the hosting to be set up, it took me 38 minutes!”

“You guys are absolutely brill. I was just about to throw my computer out the window when I came across your free blogging guide. I still have a long way to go but I now have my blog and I can now learn how to use it to my full advantage, cheers you’re brill!!!”

“Thanks for that great blogging guide and you didn’t even charge a dime!”

“It was my first try and the blog was up and running in no time! Thank You SO MUCH!!”

“Love the new guide. You go into great detail on some of those tricky points, especially around downloading and installing WordPress, and with plugins. Thanks again for the fantastic advice.”

“I’ve had my domain for a while, I hadn’t managed to get my head around wordpress installation. Following your very clear instructions, I’ve installed the blog myself in about an hour. So, that’s exciting, and impressive, I reckon.”

In this Free Blogging Guide you will Discover:

– The two processes you’ll need to follow to find a proven income-producing niche.  Get this vital part wrong and it will be impossible for you to make any money (I’ve done it!)

– The three golden rules of keyword analysis… get any of these wrong and  your future efforts will be a waste.

– The exact  methods to finding the best domain name for your blog … and this is a basic step that will help your SEO efforts – get it wrong and you will struggle!

How to install WordPress in under 1 minute (as long as you choose the right hosting company)

– Step-by-step guides and images of each ‘must-have’ plugin you must install on your blog (plus all the tweaks necessary – it is not just a matter of installing)

– The simple way to get Google to index your blog – two steps, 10 minutes and you’re done – it isn’t rocket science!

– Don’t let hackers destroy all your hard work – follow some simple steps and keep your blog secure

– Learn how to add pages, posts and images correctly so you can attract vital search engine “link-juice” without being penalized for using duplicate content

– You may be surprised at how few posts you will need before you publish your site!

– Write blog posts using the Attraction Marketing method, so visitors like and trust you and even better – keep coming back

– Find out why a killer title for your blog posts will get your articles read.

– Find out the five easy ways to start earning income from your blog

– How to organize your working day into the “three crucial elements” to make money blogging

– The three entrepreneurial traits of a successful blogger… have you got them?

Income Blogging Guide Membership

If you want to start making money online, grab this FREE income Blogging Guide now.

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How to Build a WordPress Site Part 4

build a wordpress siteThis is the final post how to build a WordPress site,

Part 1 is here

Part 2 is here

Part 3 is here

After this it’s up to you to do all the hard work.  That will mean adding fresh content as often as you can and obtaining backlinks, which are small votes of confidence that the search engine spiders like if they are left in relevant places, and help move you up the rankings.

When I build a WordPress Site I use These Great Plugins:

It’s entirely up to you which plugins you use of course and it depends on the reasons why you build a WordPress site.

Bear in mind that the more plugins you use the slower your site may load, so just use the essential ones for your business.

The first plugins I load when I build a WordPress site are:


Comes pre-loaded, activate Askimet or you will be bombarded with useless comments – follow the instructions to get your API key.

PC Search Engine Verify

I’m not clever enough to figure out how to get a verification code into a header, and this does it for me in Yahoo, Bing and Google without a problem.  Verification opens the doors for Google bots to come in and start indexing your site.  Otherwise it can take weeks.

Simple Google Sitemap XML 

This lists all of your site’s URLs in order so when the search engine bots arrive, they can find their way around.

All in One SEO Pack

Helps enormously with SEO, even though I use SEOPressor, I still use it.

DoFollow & CommentLuv

Encourage comments from visitors and leave comments on other CommentLuv sites which will display some of your latest posts if you want.  Andy Bailey’s CommentLuv is great.

Scroll to Top

Makes navigating easier for your visitors, especially if you write long posts.  If your categories are at the top of your pages, then they are more likely to click on another article.  Scrolling is so strenuous after all!


Smushit compresses graphics so your site will load faster.


If you want to invest some money in your affiliate or niche marketing enterprise, SEOPressor helps to optimize your articles correctly, thereby gaining free organic traffic for your site.  It’s no less than Brilliant! SEOPressor helped me to move to a PR4 with this within 6 weeks (and a lot of hard work too!)

So go and get on with building your marketing empire – good luck with it.  It won’t be long before you’ll want to build a WordPress site again.

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How to Build a WordPress Site Part 3

Every WordPress site starts out on this theme, you can change the header pics but when most people want to build a WordPress site, they want to choose a specific theme that suits their purpose.  This will take you a while, unless you already know which one you want.

Build a wordpress - opening WP admin screen

Build a WordPress Site – Choosing a Theme

1. On the left hand side go to Appearance and click on Themes.

2. You can build a WordPress Site on any of these free themes.  You’re on your own because I don’t know what your site is going to be for, or about.

Pay special attention to the layouts, how many columns you want, what colors etc.  You can change your mind in the early stages of building a site but once you have built some traffic, if you change your theme people may get confused and leave.

I recommend you take a look at some free Woo Themes too. Fanseko is awesome.  You can change colors with a click on a colorwheel, and it comes pre-loaded with some ads, all you have to do is put in your affiliate ID.  Really simple, eye catching sites.

WooThemes - WordPress themes for everyone

Final Few Steps to Build a WordPress Site

1. Trash the content of the sample page and post.

2.In Settings/Permalinks  change the default post to custom post and type this in


This shows a post’s title as an extension of the URL – it looks better than a load of numbers and signs.

3. Add a PAGE.  Build a great About Me page first of all, up;load a nice pic of yourself and tell people about yourself in two paragraphs, no longer.  Be personable and friendly and if you are using your site to promote a product, give a brief reason why.

As you work you can Save Draft and when you’re finished hit Publish. You’ll see a grey wheel turning to the left which means it’s publishing.

Play around with the Dashboard as you build and familiarize yourself with everything on there.  If you want to add video or ads or anything else in HTML, use the HTML tab, otherwise by using visual you can see everything you are doing and can adjust as you go.

You can Publish It when you’re happy with your About Me page.  It’s working when the little grey wheel goes round.  You can’t navigate away from the page by mistake and lose your work, it will warn you.

You made your first WordPress page – congratulations.  You can either click on the name of your website at top left to view it or hit the Preview button on the right.

Here is Part One and Part Two if you need to refer back.

Finally in Part 4 I’ll tell you what pages and posts you need to keep Google happy and which pulg ins I always use when I build a WordPress site


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