So You Want to Build a WordPress Site Part 2

Here’s Part 2 of So You Want to Build a WordPress site, Part One is here.

Log back into CPanel with the original username and password you got nin the email from HostGator. If you want to carry on and build a WordPress site, here’s what you do:

Locate AddOn Domains in the Control Panel.

Build a Website Addon Domains in Hostgator CPanel

  • Add your new domain name into the first box without the www. and then think of a Username and password.
  • Click on add domain.

There will be check marks (ticks) in green the blanks will be filled in automatically and you’ll go through to a confirmation page.

build a wordpress site - adding a domain in HostGator

Not Much Longer to Build a WordPress Site!

The part you just did is quick when you know how, when you have a few sites under your belt, you can do it in a minute.

In CPanel  go to Software/Services and click on the Fantastico button. This is the gateway to your site, you may never have to goback to CPanel again!

build a wordpress site
The Fantastico Button

Just a Few More Steps before you Build a WordPress Site – You will Now Install Your Site

  • Under “Blogs” on the left click on WordPress.
  • On the next page click on New Installation.

The next page says Install on Domain, if this is your first time, your domain name should show in that box, if not just click on the drop down button and locate it.

build a wordpress site - installing WP with HostGator

Add an Admin name and password.

These is your username and password needed to build a WordPress site NOT get into CPanel.

  • Add an Admin Nickname
  • Your regular email a
  • Your Site Name. For example if your domain name is just call it Soggy Doggy.
  • The Description box is last, put something like “Funny Pictures of Wet Dogs” – whatever – you can change it later. (The last 2 boxes got cut off I apologize).

Next you will

  • Confirm the installation
  • Add your regular email address
  • Hostgator will email you all the info if you so wish, print it or keep it in case you forget.

Ready to Build A WordPress Site? (The Next Step is the Difficult Part)!

You can get to your new WordPress site by putting the full name of your site, like so: or you can go back to the email you received and click on the link that says Admin URL.

You will get the log in page that looks like this:Add the login and password you chose for your site NOT the main CPanel login you got originally.

This may take a little while – don’t worry HostGator is chewing on it.  If you get a screen with your site name and a bunch of ads, it’s only temporary.

If it takes more than a day, you may have done something wrong. Call them and they will help you.

You WON’T  be able to build a WordPress site without setting your DNS to HostGator in the domain management section of the Registrar you chose.

Now you’re ready to choose one of the hundreds of free themes HostGator offers on which to build a WordPress site.

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So You Want to Build A WordPress Site

If you want to make some money online you may want to build a WordPress site. The hardest part to build a WordPress site is choosing one of the thousands of free themes they have.

build a wordpress


Build a WordPress Site with (and Make Some $$s)

To build a WordPress blog that you don’t want to use for commercial purposes, use a free site.

To build a WordPress site, website or blog – whatever you wish to call it one of the 2 first things you have to do is buy hosting. I find HostGator is the best, and I have tried at least for hosting sites.  It must have CPanel, it’s so much easier.

If you want to just have one site choose the Hatchling Plan, two to five sites (I think) choose the Baby Plan and if you are going to build a large number of sites you’ll need the Business Plan.

You Will Need Hosting and a Domain Name Before you can Build a WordPress Site

HostGator has a brilliant customer service team, who you might need when you build a WordPress site. I made a lot of mistakes when I tried to build a WordPress site, d not be shy, they can fix just about anything.

The next essential you’ll need to build a WordPress site will be a domain name.  I get mine at NameCheap for  $10 for a .com name.  If you want a different extension (.org .us or .co for example) they are priced differently.

Free PositiveSSL and WhoisGuard with Every Domain Purchase

Find out  here the reason you’re better off buying a .com name if you are in the US especially.

Before you purchase your domain name  know which keywords you will be incorporating and building articles around when you build a WordPress site. Fine out here why keywords are vital to your success.

When you have purchased your domain name and HostGator account they’ll email you:

  • A login and password to your Control Panel (CPanel)
  • A DNS address where your site will live

Now go back to NameCheap, (or your registrar of choice) Navigate to “manage your domains” in the top left hand tab. There’s a check box next to your domain name, check it and click “edit selected.”

In the left column there’s a header –  “domain name server (DNS) set up” go through, and that’s where you will add your two DNS addresses that you have received from HostGator.

They look like this: and

Add the two you were given and click Save Changes (the numbers in yours will be different from those above). Welcome to the HostGator swamp this is where your site lives.  You’re on your way to build a WordPress Site.

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Blog Commenting Should Add Value in Return for Back Links

Blog commenting is amongst the easiest ways to get back links for your own website or blog.  It can be a tedious task if you have more than one or two sites, you should be aiming to get a consistent amount of back links daily, so blog commenting must become a habit until your site is well-established.

Blog Commenting for Dummies

blog commentingEven though I use Akismet to weed out the very worst and most useless comments on all my sites, I still get a number of completely worthless blog comments coming through.  These comments used to drive me nuts but now they are a constant source of amusement.  If you are going to pay someone in the Far East to do your blog commenting for you, keep track of what they are doing, where they’re going and the comments they leave.  Comments written in pigeon English or leaving comments that do not add value to my site are going to be deleted pronto. If you leave a comment please make sure it is relevant and well written, even if it is to disagree with something I’ve posted.

For the endless stream of people that tell me I need to use SEOPressor – I have always used it! Stop bugging me!

Blog Commenting Should Add Value

If the the blog owner or website owner is going to give you something of value which is a back link, don’t you think it is common courtesy to leave a comment that is of some value to him?  Some people spend their days blog commenting but what they get out of it in the end is nothing.  No webmaster, blog master or moderator is going to approve worthless comments like “great blog dude”, or like one comment I received this morning that just contained a link to another website.

Before blog commenting at least take a quick look around a site to understand what it is about.  A few days ago I got a blog comment that was something to do with furniture and another one was just a jumble of letters!

Good Blog Commenting Adds Value

If you visit a site with the intention of blog commenting as I do, I look for questions I can answer and any help I can give, thereby adding value to the site.  By posting regularly to one particular blog, I was invited to write an article for that site which boosted my traffic and in turn gave the blog master another page of content.

The idea with blog commenting is to have people click through to your site not to annoy the crap out of the  blogmaster!



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The Best Affiliate Marketing Program

For at least a couple of years I’ve been looking for the best affiliate marketing program.  I’ve looked at many, tried to follow a few and had very little success.

I Just Discovered the Best Affiliate Marketing Program!

Affiliate marketing should be easy, the steps involved are quite simple if you are prepared to work, write articles regularly and wait for a while as your site moves up through the SERPs, but for me there were a number of things that just didn’t seem to work and some things that I was told were necessary that I was convinced were a waste of time.

Then I discovered Andrew Hansen’s Unstoppable Affiliate.

Finally! An Affiliate Marketing Course that Makes Sense!

Affiliate Marketing with Unstoppable AffiliateWhen the Panda slap came along earlier this year many people in affiliate marketing suffered.  I wasn’t affected because I’ve always kept away from things I considered unethical, and always stuck to Google’s rules and recommendations.

I had been on the right track all along, but a number of my sites were not doing well because of a fundamental problem – one that is so important it had always nagged at me, it was the key to the whole affiliate marketing problem for me.

Andrew Hansen’s Unstoppable Affiliate program is awesome.  It addresses the problems I had been facing and confirmed that what I thought all along was right.  Okay, I’ll give you a hint – it was social media marketing, I hate it!

Take a look at Andrew’s videos and information about this amazing affiliate marketing course and you will see straight away, if you’ve been struggling to make good money doing affiliate marketing like me, what the answers are.

Take a look at Andrew’s Unstoppable Affiliate TODAY!

Unstoppable Affiliate

Affiliate Marketing Makes Sense Now!



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Business Vehicle Insurance

If your home business involves moving anything from A to B by road, then you really should purchase business vehicle insurance.

business vehicle insurance

Why you Need Business Vehicle Insurance

I detest insurance companies, especially car insurance.  One of my clients is an insurance broker and even he tells me that car insurance and vehicle business insurance are a rip off.  BUT you have to have car insurance in any state, and getting the minimum insurance that your state requires is just plain stupid, especially if you have an expensive car.  Some state minimum liability requirements are not enough to cover a couple of MRIs and a trip to the emergency room, so make sure your vehicle  insurance coverage is adequate.

If you are starting out your home business on a small budget, it’s very easy to overlook the business vehicle insurance aspect – and that would be any vehicle that you use for business purposes.  If you sell on eBay or Etsy and your back window is obscured by piles of packages on the way somewhere, it is possible that questions could be asked.  Don’t give the insurance company an excuse to deny your claim – oh and they will in a heartbeat.

Business Vehicle Insurance Doesn’t have to Cost a Lot Extra

Better safe than sorry, and it’s true in the case of business vehicle insurance.  In the past couple of years I have had two friends get into serious financial problems because they were using their vehicles for business purposes without commercial business vehicle insurance.  One is an antiques dealer who was hit by someone else – he had a dresser and some other furniture sticking out the back of his SUV.  The other was a handyman – his van was piled high with tools and equipment.

Car Insurance Does Not Cover Contents

If you carry expensive equipment around in your vehicle and it gets stolen, the only recourse you have is by making a claim on your house or renter’s insurance.  The loss of expensive equipment for a photographer or someone who leaves a costly laptop in his car can mean starting a business all over again.

Depending on how you have your business set up this could be a tax deduction as it is a legitimate business expense.

Whatever kind of home business you have, talk to your insurance agent about business vehicle insurance.

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Need a Writer?

Although I am usually very busy writing for clients and tending to my own blogs and niche websites, I find I have a few hours to spare at the moment. I have two major clients on vacation and others doing “other things” right now.

If you are in need of some well-written and unique articles for your website, please contact me. I charge $1.50 for 100 words. If your articles are for WordPress sites, the articles will be written using SEOPressor – ensuring the best SEO.

I write on most subjects, but do reserve the right to say no to articles on subjects I cannot write about well. I do not write for adult sites. Please make sure your keywords are such that they can be used logically in a sentence.

Payment is upfront via PayPal.

5 article minimum order please.

You can contact me via email at social(at)create-a-home-business(dot)com.

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Freelance Jobs – Freelance Work Gives You the Freedom to Work When YOU Want

If you have specific skills and you want to work for yourself – when you please, freelance jobs are a great solution.

If you are a student, work at home mom or senior with skills, you can work as many or as few freelance jobs as you can handle. Find a site you like, build positive feedback and many sites will increase your rate.    Go into freelancing with the mindset that it is a Business – your business, hone your skills, be honest and ethical and freelancing is one of the best ways to create a home business.

Freelance Jobs – You Need a Strong Work Ethic

Freelance JobsAlthough you are in essence working for yourself, taking on freelance jobs means you will have a number of people to answer to. You have to have a strong work ethic when you take on freelance jobs,  you will have deadlines to meet and standards to keep. You may find yourself working 14 hours one day, but if you can plan your workload, you can spend your next day doing what YOU want to do. You have to take time off for yourself and your family.

Start off slow, with one or two jobs, and don’t take on so much that you let all your clients down. When you have established a firm base of regular clients, you can simply say no to things you don’t want to do, and ask more money for others. Never say you can do something if you can’t do it.

A List of Places to Find Freelance Jobs – Writing – For Spanish freelancers – British site for writers, programmers etc., bidding system with many foreign bidders who will work for little BUT if you are persistent, your work is top-notch and you are prepared to hold out for a living wage, PeoplePerHour pays a lot more than similar US sites.  I have had some great freelance jobs from this site that paid well. – specifically for Python programmers. – If you are prepared to do something for $4 (Fiverr keeps the other dollar) you could make good contacts here.  It’s worth a visit to see what people will do for $4 – worth a laugh and a good source if you ever want something done! – photography-related freelance jobs – writing – offers work for artists, musicians and writers etc. – resume preparation and academic writing – writing – one of the best. Pay starts low but rises with experience. Not a bidding site. Christian-based freelance jobs mostly involving writing – claims to have 100,000 publishers actively searching the site (?) for freelance writers. – Freelance jobs for those writers who can work with developers and compile guides and tutorials. – Offers a list of freelance jobs for writers updated every Monday. – Freelance jobs for programmers, designers, writers, business admin specialists and more. I have made a lot of money by advertising here.  Costs $20 but well worth it.  Unlike online agencies, the Warrior Forum allows you to build relationships with clients and post testimonials to get more work. offers freelance jobs in hundreds of different fields, they will email you daily with suitable gigs. offers hundred of difference freelance jobs -Watch this helpful video below if you are new to freelancing. The musak is bloody annoying, but the advice is good.  Aimed at web designers but the principles apply to whatever you do.

Don’t sell your skills too cheap! I can’t stress that enough.  If you are going to be working 30 hours a week, figure out how much money you need to make and stick with it, but be realistic. 

If you are good at what you do, people will pay what you ask – you just have to be persistent, produce excellent work on time and build a clientele.

The bigger the internet grows the more freelance jobs there will be.

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