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One of the most profitable things you can do is sell your own products, and I feel it’s time for me to write an eBook. My reason for doing this is NOT any profit I might make. I have a lot of knowledge in my old noggin that can help people.  If I make a few bucks in the process, then great.  Producing your own information products should be about helping people primarily.

Let’s rewind a little to the beginning of my internet marketing journey…

I dabbled in internet marketing a few years back, had no success and gave up.  I spent a lot of time trying to come to terms with everything that was needed to be successful and, yes, I purchased a lot of the wrong “Guru” products and I got refunds, because the majority of them didn’t help, or promised the impossible. I kept looking.

Don’t ask me how I found Tiffany Dow but her story started much the same way as mine. We are primarily writers.

Tiffany has a very successful PLR website, she reviews Guru courses occasionally and tells it like it is.  She’s gone head to head with many of the ones she thought were not providing anything of value. They disappeared, but Tiffany is still here helping thousands of newbies  come to terms with writing and internet marketing. She’s a great mentor and always answers her emails herself – imagine that!

One great way to make money online is to write an eBook.  That’s how her clients were making money and Tiffany realized there was no reason why she couldn’t do the same thing. She was writing the eBooks for them and they were taking the lion’s share of the profits!

I’ve Reached the Same “Ah-Ha” Moment as Tiffany did – it’s Time to Write an eBook.

I purchased Building an eBook Empire over a year ago, read it and the thought has been in the back of my mind ever since.  I dusted it off a few days ago, because I feel confident I’m ready to write an eBook.

Write an eBook

I’ve purchased other courses and even read free ones, but the comprehensive information Tiffany offers in her 99-page book tells it like it is.  No up-sells and no tricks to make you go and purchase other things.  In fact most of the resources Tiffany recommends will be free when it comes time for you to write an eBook.

I’ve discovered a niche where I could write an eBook that could potentially help thousands of people. It’s not going to be anything to do with internet marketing either – I admit I’m no expert, but I’m getting there.

Write an eBook and IM – both Huge Learning Processes

I love learning new things and in internet marketing there’s hardly a week goes by that I haven’t learned new things. Writing an eBook will be a big learning process but I know Tiffany Dow’s book will help all the way.

Even if you feel like you’re not quite ready to write an eBook but you’ve thought about it, I recommend  you get a copy of Building an eBook Empire.   It planted a seed in my mind that has been slowly growing. Now I think I’m ready.

I’m going to keep you up to date on how my first eBook is coming along.  There’s much planning and research to do – Tiffany Dow stresses the research part. It’s pointless to write an eBook that nobody wants or writing one that has too much competition. The writing part – well that doesn’t bother me at all.

The point is that when you write an eBook it helps someone and Tiffany’s Building an eBook Empire has given me all the insight and help I will need to do that.

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