Selling On Etsy Can Be Profitable If You’re Creative

If you have decided that an internet based home business is not for you and you are a crafter, or love to make things, selling on could be a means of making some extra money.

Unique Items Selling on Etsy

If you have never heard of then you are missing out on a truly unique shopping experience. Selling on Etsy can be fun and profitable.  It is hard to believe that so many people in the United States actually have their own little Etsy businesses making everything from handmade candles to offering bridal services, and there are only a few very simple rules about  selling on Etsy effectively.

Selling on Etsy

If you are a secret crafter – Etsy may be the right outlet for you.  If you can price things right and make a decent profit, selling on Etsy offers a much better outlet for your handmade products than eBay does, because this is what Etsy specializes in.

It is also a better outlet for vintage goods.  Sellers create a following by offering high quality vintage items, such as clothing, and can command better prices without attracting eBay’s multitude of fees.

Take a few minutes to browse around on Etsy;  it’s a very exciting site with a vibrant community of crazies and crafters.

I know people who make a good income on this site selling vintage, handmade jewelry, and painted and reinvented furniture. Knowing how to sell on Etsy will also involve some of the same aspects as selling on eBay.

Tips for Selling on Etsy:

  • Price the product right – so you make a profit and it sells
  • Photographs – clear photographs sell products best
  • Measuring – measure everything – if you are selling a vintage dress that says Size 12, it probably isn’t – sizes have changed.  Take all measurements and post them.
  • Condition – vintage items that have flaws can be acceptable – just make sure you disclose them and photograph them if possible.
  • Customer service – answering questions promptly via email
  • Packaging – obtaining cheap or free packaging is best if possible and learn how to package products so they don’t get broken.
  • Shipping – UPS is cheaper for most packages than USPS and FEDEX is the most secure. USPS will collect only Priority Mail from your house, UPS will collect anything.

For a professional touch, place a business card or a handwritten note to the buyer in the package before you send it.  It’s a thoughtful touch you certainly won’t get from a big business.

If you want to know how to go about selling on Etsy, it’s very simple, the fees are only 20 cents to list an item for four months, and when your item sells, you’ll only pay a 3.5% transaction fee.

Selling on Etsy is Fun and Easy

The secret to making money and selling on Etsy successfully is marketing, and getting your name and product recognized.  Each listing has a Twitter button, so if your product is liked, the word will get around via social media. If you have a website for your handmade products, selling on Etsy can increase your traffic by offering a link through to your site.

Good photographs are also vital and an exact description of whatever you are offering.  There is a feedback system just like eBay, so build your feedback and resolve to keep it at 100% – it is very important.

If you have a group of friends, or an elderly neighbor who like to make handmade items, you could all get together and list your items on Etsy.

As an aside, and just for your entertainment once you have looked around on Etsy you will notice there are some extremely peculiar things for sale on there (and they sell!).  To each his own I suppose.

Visit, if you are down in the dumps this is the funniest site that features some of the cockamamie ideas that some crafters have decided to offer for sale on Etsy. The comments are priceless.

What's Not Selling on Etsy

It’s well worth the visit, and may give you a little insight on not only how to sell on Etsy but what not to be selling on Etsy!

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