So You Want to Build a WordPress Site Part 2

Here’s Part 2 of So You Want to Build a WordPress site, Part One is here.

Log back into CPanel with the original username and password you got nin the email from HostGator. If you want to carry on and build a WordPress site, here’s what you do:

Locate AddOn Domains in the Control Panel.

Build a Website Addon Domains in Hostgator CPanel

  • Add your new domain name into the first box without the www. and then think of a Username and password.
  • Click on add domain.

There will be check marks (ticks) in green the blanks will be filled in automatically and you’ll go through to a confirmation page.

build a wordpress site - adding a domain in HostGator

Not Much Longer to Build a WordPress Site!

The part you just did is quick when you know how, when you have a few sites under your belt, you can do it in a minute.

In CPanel  go to Software/Services and click on the Fantastico button. This is the gateway to your site, you may never have to goback to CPanel again!

build a wordpress site
The Fantastico Button

Just a Few More Steps before you Build a WordPress Site – You will Now Install Your Site

  • Under “Blogs” on the left click on WordPress.
  • On the next page click on New Installation.

The next page says Install on Domain, if this is your first time, your domain name should show in that box, if not just click on the drop down button and locate it.

build a wordpress site - installing WP with HostGator

Add an Admin name and password.

These is your username and password needed to build a WordPress site NOT get into CPanel.

  • Add an Admin Nickname
  • Your regular email a
  • Your Site Name. For example if your domain name is just call it Soggy Doggy.
  • The Description box is last, put something like “Funny Pictures of Wet Dogs” – whatever – you can change it later. (The last 2 boxes got cut off I apologize).

Next you will

  • Confirm the installation
  • Add your regular email address
  • Hostgator will email you all the info if you so wish, print it or keep it in case you forget.

Ready to Build A WordPress Site? (The Next Step is the Difficult Part)!

You can get to your new WordPress site by putting the full name of your site, like so: or you can go back to the email you received and click on the link that says Admin URL.

You will get the log in page that looks like this:Add the login and password you chose for your site NOT the main CPanel login you got originally.

This may take a little while – don’t worry HostGator is chewing on it.  If you get a screen with your site name and a bunch of ads, it’s only temporary.

If it takes more than a day, you may have done something wrong. Call them and they will help you.

You WON’T  be able to build a WordPress site without setting your DNS to HostGator in the domain management section of the Registrar you chose.

Now you’re ready to choose one of the hundreds of free themes HostGator offers on which to build a WordPress site.

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