So You Want to Build A WordPress Site

If you want to make some money online you may want to build a WordPress site. The hardest part to build a WordPress site is choosing one of the thousands of free themes they have.

build a wordpress


Build a WordPress Site with (and Make Some $$s)

To build a WordPress blog that you don’t want to use for commercial purposes, use a free site.

To build a WordPress site, website or blog – whatever you wish to call it one of the 2 first things you have to do is buy hosting. I find HostGator is the best, and I have tried at least for hosting sites.  It must have CPanel, it’s so much easier.

If you want to just have one site choose the Hatchling Plan, two to five sites (I think) choose the Baby Plan and if you are going to build a large number of sites you’ll need the Business Plan.

You Will Need Hosting and a Domain Name Before you can Build a WordPress Site

HostGator has a brilliant customer service team, who you might need when you build a WordPress site. I made a lot of mistakes when I tried to build a WordPress site, d not be shy, they can fix just about anything.

The next essential you’ll need to build a WordPress site will be a domain name.  I get mine at NameCheap for  $10 for a .com name.  If you want a different extension (.org .us or .co for example) they are priced differently.

Free PositiveSSL and WhoisGuard with Every Domain Purchase

Find out  here the reason you’re better off buying a .com name if you are in the US especially.

Before you purchase your domain name  know which keywords you will be incorporating and building articles around when you build a WordPress site. Fine out here why keywords are vital to your success.

When you have purchased your domain name and HostGator account they’ll email you:

  • A login and password to your Control Panel (CPanel)
  • A DNS address where your site will live

Now go back to NameCheap, (or your registrar of choice) Navigate to “manage your domains” in the top left hand tab. There’s a check box next to your domain name, check it and click “edit selected.”

In the left column there’s a header –  “domain name server (DNS) set up” go through, and that’s where you will add your two DNS addresses that you have received from HostGator.

They look like this: and

Add the two you were given and click Save Changes (the numbers in yours will be different from those above). Welcome to the HostGator swamp this is where your site lives.  You’re on your way to build a WordPress Site.

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