The Pros & Cons of Working from Home

I’m a workaholic and working from home suits me fine.  I’ve met a number of people who tried working from home, but they found it wasn’t for them for a number of reasons – one being that they couldn’t discipline themselves.

What is Your Idea of Working from Home?

You could say something like:

  1. I can get up when I want
  2. I can eat what I want
  3. I can watch all my favorite TV programs
  4. I can work when I feel like it…

Whoa! Let me stop you there!

If you’re working from home to make money you have a Business!!

That means:

1.  When working from home you should make a schedule and stick to it.

If you work your best at night and it’s suitable for your business (the internet never sleeps!) then you do have an advantage over those people who are night people, but are forced to work from 8am – 6pm.
Working from Home2.  As for eating, yes you do have your kitchen – just make sure you have plenty of HEALTHY foods available. Eat an apple – not a bag of greasy corn chips.  Make a healthy sandwich – don’t order delivery pizza.

It’s too easy to eat the wrong things and drink coffee all day.  I know, I used to do it and I was crashing by midday!

I get up at 5:30am every day except Saturday (my day off), work for a few hours and take a break and eat breakfast.

Keep the bad snacks off your desk or before you know it you’ll be putting on pounds!

  • Take a break, if you’re lucky and have a dog, let him take you for a walk.
  • Take a break in the morning, have a healthy lunch and a break in the afternoon.
  • Stretch your legs and get the blood flowing, or the next thing you know your eyes will be hurting from looking at a monitor and your legs will start to ache – you may even start getting headaches and constipated – drink water not sodas!
  • Working from home can be very stressful – take a day off every week, until your business is established enough to allow you to take all the time off that you want.

3.  Television will kill your productivity.  It’s a fact that human beings may think they can multitask, but scientific studies show that the human brain can only do one thing properly at a time.

Turn the TV off – throw a blanket over it.  If you want a successful business working from home listen to to some background music instead.  I can’t listen to anything with words, consequently I listen to straight ahead jazz – it keeps me working fast!!

4.  You cannot work “when you feel like it”.

If you want to spend the rest of your life working from home then post a list of financial goals where you can see it – even if it is a list of how much you have to earn to pay the bills, the next step should be to make some realistic financial goals, such as “buy a new car” or “save the air fare to Europe” whatever, let your list act as a constant reminder.

May be on the bottom of your list you should simply write the words “I am working from home because I HATE working for anyone else!”




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