Transcription as a Home Business

I earned my salary by doing transcription for nearly 18 years in London. I worked for agencies so I could move around and enjoy the city I love, and play the agencies off against one another when they offered me work – it always got me better pay!

I loved my job doing transcription. I worked mainly for lawyers (we call them solicitors at home), and I also spent some time working at the Legal Aid Society and a number of hospitals.

Transcription is Perfect for Those Who like to Concentrate without Distractions

I have to admit I am not the most social of people until I have a drink in my hand, and I liked it best if I was left alone at work – I had no desire to hear about Auntie Phyllis’s bunions or the latest gossip.

I would go in, be given a huge stack of files and a tiny tape, stick my headphones on and produce an equally huge pile of wills, legal documents and letters by the end of the day.

Transcription Pays Very Well

That was in the 1970s and I was earning  approximately $25 an hour back then – the pay can be good and the work easy once you learn a few tips and tricks that Loretta will tell you in this course.

Transcription Crash Course
Transcription Crash Course



There is still a calling for good transcribers, especially in the medical world. If you have knowledge of medical terminology, that will help you enormously if you would like to do medical transcription from home.

If you want to learn transcription there is a terrific new course out that I highly recommend called Transcription Crash Course.

There is still plenty of work for transcribers and it’s one of the easiest jobs that can be outsourced. The work is normally delivered to your computer via an MP3 file. You may have to purchase a foot pedal that stops and starts the recording – some can do without it – and the software that allows you to hear the dictation, speed up or slow down the speaking as necessary and see where you are in the recording – it’s not expensive.  You could start your new home business for less than $100.

Loretta Oliver, the author of this course, has been earning a very nice living from transcription for years – and as she says, if there wasn’t much work, she wouldn’t be telling everybody!

The majority of folks who send their work are good at dictating, they speak slowly, clearly, and know to tell you before a coma comes, or a semi-colon or spell out names and difficult or unusual words. Most will tell you where a new paragraph or sentence starts, while others will leave you to do that.

For a little more information on medical transcription please click here.

If you like to work completely alone at home and enjoy typing for long stretches, this is a great course for getting started on the road to a successful home business. Even if you did transcription in the past for a living, this course is also a great way of brushing up your skills.

There are transcription jobs at and many other similar online agencies. There are also plenty of scam artists who want you to pay them for registering as a transcriber DO NOT PAY ANYONE, there are plenty of places on the internet to find work.

It’s no secret that the fastest way to earn money online is by providing a service.  You can even work in a noisy household full of kids and TV, just put on your headphones and ignore the pandemonium around you.

Outsourcing is one of the hottest areas on the internet right now. Sign up with some of the better online agencies and see what they have to offer. If you can speak and write a foreign language that’s another advantage, and medical or legal knowledge will command even higher pay.

Transcription is a great home business, get a copy of Transcription Crash Course today and start making money from home next week!



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